Bags become blessings for those in need

(Souce: KAIT-TV)
(Souce: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A group of Region 8 teachers and students from colleges all over the area spent part of their holiday break on Tuesday helping those most in need.

Director of Helping Underserved Belong or HUB, Chuck Kirkindall, said people poured in to help them make their "blessing bags".

"Volunteers come to help us organize our donations," Kirkindall said. "Especially, help with our blessing bags. They are filled with all the basic needs if someone has to sleep out on the street. Such as blankets, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, razors, soap, and things like that."

Arkansas State University student Carissa Mooneyhan was one of the volunteers.

Mooneyhan said she volunteered to help because of the growing need.

"It's just really important to me," Mooneyhan said. "As Jonesboro grows I see that there is more of a homeless population here. And that's just something that everybody needs to be looking out for and helping take care of so close to the holidays."

Southern Arkansas University student Alex Proffitt said people should be grateful who are more fortunate and help those who aren't.

"It's really important to help other people," Proffitt said. "Because I've been given a lot in life and I know others whether they're born into it or make a little mistake not everybody can help. And it's just important for some people to get that little extra boost they need to get on their feet or even survive where some people take it for granted."

Kirkindall said the community makes the work they do possible.

"When the Mayor decided to put the HUB together," Kirkindall said. "He wanted us to be connected directly to all the churches, all the organizations and all the businesses in town. And so, without the help of the community, we could not get this done."

Kirkindall said people need to step up and help their neighbors.

"One of the most important things," Kirkland said. "Something for people to realize and understand is the homeless are actually part of our community. They were often born and raised here in Jonesboro and they just need a second chance."

Kirkindall said the homeless situation in Jonesboro alone is huge.

"Right now," Kirkland said. "We have between 300 to 500 homeless people. This includes battered women, abused women, and children who are in desperate need. The majority of homeless we serve are actually females with children under 13. It's very tragic. It's very hard and they just need a second chance."

Anyone interested in volunteering or making a donation, call (870) 333-5731.

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