Police seek community's help in solving shooting case

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - As police continue to investigate a Lepanto shooting from earlier this month, it brought up a topic of discussion with a local sheriff.

Region 8 News spoke with Poinsett County Sheriff Kevin Molder Wednesday.

He said sometimes when dealing with crimes like shootings, drug deals, and homicides, witnesses and victims are not always cooperating with law enforcement.

"Any time a crime is committed no matter if it's a shooting or a burglary, it's imperative that we receive as much information as we can for an effective prosecution," Molder said.

Also, trying to solve crimes can be difficult for investigators when there isn't cooperation with witnesses and in some cases, victims, too.

Molder said a witness may have their own reason to keep tightlipped.

"It could be for various reasons," he said. "It could be they are scared, it could be that they are just not wanting to get involved."

The goal in Poinsett County is to hold people accountable for the crimes they commit, Molder said, noting the community's help goes a long way in making that possible.

"It's critical that we get that information from those people because we cannot effectively build a case and prosecute later down the road," Molder said.

The most recent shooting earlier this month in Lepanto injured a teen.

Molder said the victim has since been released from a Memphis hospital.

However, Arkansas State Police are still investigating the case, while the shooter has not yet been arrested.

Anyone with information on the shooting should contact the Poinsett County Sheriff's Office at (870) 578-5411.

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