The Super-Tall Actor From 'Big Fish' And 'The Devil's Rejects' Has Died

August 11, 2005-- Posted at 2:40 PM CDT

LOS ANGELES (AP)_ The seven and a-half foot tall actor who played Karl the Giant in "Big Fish" has died.

Matthew McGrory died at his home of apparent natural causes. He was 32.

Two years ago he was one of a colorful cast of characters in "Big Fish." Even at seven feet, six-inches tall, he was made to look taller in that film.

McGrory can be seen in two Rob Zombie movies: "House of 1000 Corpses" and "The Devil's Rejects." McGrory was in "Bubble Boy" and played an alien in "Men in Black 2."

Director Drew Sky says he'd been working with McGrory on a movie about wrestler-turned-actor Andre the Giant.

McGrory wore size 29 and a-half shoes. For years, that was a world record.

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