Plumber gives tips for frozen pipes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Freezing temperatures will hit the area before you know it and the last thing people want to deal with during their holiday break is frozen pipes.

A local plumber has tips to keep that from happening.

Master Plumber John Snow of Nuckles and Son Plumbing said people need to deal with the outside of their home first.

"First and foremost," Snow said. "Unscrew your outside water hoses off of your faucets and cover the faucets with insulation or insulated covers. Second of all, if your house is on a crawl space make sure all your vents are closed. Leave your water running, not dripping. A big misconception is the drip will stop it from freezing. You need a steady stream of water. The hot side freezes faster than the cold side. So, your hot water needs to be running more than your cold."

And some big mistakes people make?

"Barely turning your faucets on to drip water," Snow said. "Instead of leaving a stream. Not closing vents on their crawl space. Leaving your hoses hooked to outside faucets and not covering the outside faucets."

Snow also said if your faucets freeze up, don't automatically run for the hairdryer.

"If you unthaw your faucets too fast," Snow said. "It will split. A very slow thawing process will prevent any damage to the pipes themselves. Space heaters under a house will work. They make heat tape that you wrap around your pipes and it plugs into an electrical outlet. Other than that, let the temperature warm up. You unthaw them too fast and you cause more damage than just what a frozen pipe would be."

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