Randolph County sheriff's deputies get raises

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Randolph County Quorum Court approved a 3.5% raise for county employees.

This means Randolph County Sheriff's Deputies will be getting a raise, but their pay will still not be comparable to Pocahontas police officers.

Sheriff Gary Tribble said the deputies are thankful for the raise, but they are still making nearly $8,000 less than PPD officers.

"I have lost personnel because of lack of pay," he said.  "They can go to other departments, if not the Pocahontas police department and gain employment, I can't compete."

Sheriff Tribble said the pay issue has cost him experienced employees.

He also said it is getting harder for him to recruit new staff.

However, he said his deputies will do their best with the raise given and continue to serve and keep the county safe.

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