Doctor opens medical marijuana certification practice

Doctor opens medical marijuana certification practice

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KARK) - A Central Arkansas doctor said this week that his office has seen about 200 patients so far in being the first doctor in Little Rock to write certifications for medical marijuana.

According to a report from Little Rock television station KARK, Dr. Archie Hearne said there are about two dozen doctors right now in Arkansas that give the certification. The people can receive the certification for cancer, neuropathy, PTSD and seizure disorders, with most of the patients around middle age.

"These people are professional people," Hearne told KARK. "I don't get a flood of young people coming in here, saying, 'I want to be certified.' I don't see it."

He said he does not prescribe marijuana to anyone and only talks to patients about the drug.

"I refuse to because I operate under a certain standard, under the standard of the FDA," Hearne said. "If it's FDA approved, I can write it, I can prescribe it, I can monitor it."

However, Hearne told KARK that he does not believe it will happen at least until the federal government approves the use of recreational marijuana.

"I think the federal government will step in and say, 'Well, we not only want to regulate this but also get some of the revenue that's being generated by it," Hearne said.

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