Group gives back during community Christmas dinner

Group gives back during community Christmas dinner

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Over 1,000 people attended a Greene County community Christmas dinner on Saturday.

The 7th annual event was held at the Greene County Fair Grounds and included food, entertainment and even presents for kids.

It's something Brianna West thought of starting when she was only nine years old.

West says she witnessed a need for the event during a school Christmas dinner.

"One of my classmates didn't know what we were eating," she said. "So, we asked him if he had ever had it before and he had never had it."

West said she wanted to start a soup kitchen, but instead, she and her family started the community dinner.

The group never imagined the small event would grow into what it is seven years later.

"It makes me feel good to be able to help other people, thousands of people get what they need and what they want," she said.

More than 100 volunteers help organize the event each year.

The dinner has also grown to include giving away toys to children in attendance.

Volunteers gave away around 600 toys at the dinner.

"I really enjoy it," said Lorey Davis, who helps collect the toys each year. "The kids are just they're so excited because they sit out there and they're like, oh you know what am I going to get, what am I going to get."

Brianna's mom Racheale said despite all it takes to organize the event for thousands, it's always worth it.

"The day of is so warming and you look out here and you see everything come together and you see people getting along, " she said. "There's nothing negative coming from this, there is a feeling that I leave here with every year that I can't even explain."

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