A Better Region 8: Reaction to Citizen's Bank building editorial

I'm KAIT Vice President and General Manager Chris Conroy.  Recently, A Better Region 8 used the 1980's movie "The Money Pit" to illustrate the opinion that the Citizen's Bank building in downtown Jonesboro needs to be demolished.

Also in that editorial, I asked you to tell us how you feel about the idea.

Michaela wrote us and said: "The news is a place to state facts. Not your opinion. I don't care if you are the VP it's an old building. You don't destroy history."

Another viewer wrote: 
"The simple answer to the Citizen's Bank issue is to make this old establishment into a behavior health and homeless shelter for these needy people. Grants and available funds are ready to help these people or at least they were when they tried the mental health issue a few months ago. That building is too good to be gone when it could be so useful to so many. I shudder to think of those so helpless to be outside without shelter tonight. Just an idea."

Ellen took issue with the fact that we used to show the building in our weather graphics. 
"Why are they using that eyesore for a background on our local station when there are so many other attractive buildings, both downtown and at ASU?"  It's an embarrassment to our community.  My husband and I both think it should be demolished.  It's beyond the point of revival." Ellen was right and that's why we changed it to exclude the dilapidated building two years ago.

Here at KAIT, your opinion counts, even when it's different from ours.  The point of this whole thing is that we got people talking and thinking about solutions to the problem.

We'll be watching what happens to the Citizen's Bank building. In the meantime, doing our part to help the decision makers by sending them our ideas makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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