Police encourage parents to be more proactive with juveniles

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Newport police initially arrested a 16-year-old earlier this month for reportedly damaging vehicles in the city.

But according to police, the juvenile is not in custody due to a lack of bed space.

Allen Edwards, Lieutenant with the Newport Police Department, said the boy was initially detained for throwing rocks at a moving vehicle but was then released to his parents.

Edwards said due to sending juveniles to either Batesville or Craighead County for housing, priority is a must for determining what crime is serious enough to occupy bed space.

Although the child has been released, Edwards said this does not give the juvenile the green light to commit more non-serious crimes, and added the parents have to be responsible.

"Know where they are at. Know what their kids are doing and who they are with, things like that," Edwards said. "They reach an age where they want to do kind of what they want to do and want to be left alone but they still need plenty of parenting."

Edwards said there are still six more vehicle damage cases pending and that a court date is pending regarding the incident.

Anyone with information regarding the remaining vehicle cases is urged to contact the Newport Police Department.

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