Expert from Jonesboro spreads domestic violence awareness

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in three women has experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner.

Those domestic violence cases can increase during the holiday season.

A Jonesboro native expert tried to spread awareness of this issue at a Kiwanis Club meeting in Jonesboro on Wednesday.

Lori Gardner has been working in victim advocacy for 20 years.

She's helped victims of domestic violence and worked with survivors after homicides.

Gardner tried to educate people about what to do when you know about a domestic violence case happening.

"If you know someone that is being abused, it's very important to just be there to support and listen to them," Gardner said. "Also, have resources like the national hotline number and local crisis hotline number to provide them."

Corporal David McDaniel with the Jonesboro Police Department said it's important to be knowledgeable about issues like domestic violence, especially from a law enforcement perspective.

"The state of Arkansas allows us to make arrests when that's necessary even without the victim's cooperation," McDaniel said.

McDaniel said this means it's important to call the police if you witness a domestic violence incident, because the victim may not be able to do it him or herself.

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