Changes headed for Jonesboro recycling

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro city residents will be using a new recycling system next year, with city officials saying the new plan will help keep costs down and provide a better service.

According to a media release, the city will be replacing its old blue bag system with blue carts similar to the garbage carts picked up every week on a curbside basis.

The changes will take effect next summer after the city takes over the recycling program from Abilities Unlimited.

"We've had to invest in our recycling program because the strain on Abilities Unlimited, which has handled our recycling for years, was simply too much," Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin said in a statement. "The best option was for us to take it over and the best way to do it is with bins smaller to our garbage bins."

The city's sanitation department bought two recycling trucks that will be used for the project, with officials saying the cost is $217,000 each, officials said.

Also, the city has bought 10,000, 65-gallon recycling bins that will be used for the new project.

The bins can be bought for one per household for $20 plus tax, beginning Jan. 1 and will be at the $20 price until the July 1 start date for the project. After that, the bins will cost $50 plus tax.

"We will continue to be one of the few cities that provides this service for free but we are asking residents to invest with us because of the startup cost," Perrin said in a statement. "Most cities charge a recycling fee, but all we ask is that people buy the bins and $20 is a bargain-basement price."

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