Gov. Hutchinson, state unveil new mapping system

Gov. Hutchinson, state unveil new mapping system

FAYETTEVILLE, AR (KAIT/KNWA) - A new mapping system in the state will provide a valuable resource to residents as well as help officials in case of a major emergency, Gov. Asa Hutchinson told officials in Madison County Wednesday.

According to a story from KNWA-TV in Northwest Arkansas, Gov. Hutchinson was in Madison County to unveil the mapping system created by the Arkansas Geographic Information System

GIS helped create the map for all 75 counties in the state, with information on roads, infrastructure as well as other information.

Hutchinson, who presented the final map to officials in Madison County, said the information is key to help emergency officials as well.

"We're passing this information here in Madison County so that public safety can respond accurately with the most reliable data that will save lives and will obviously save property as well for those that are responding to a fire or disaster," Hutchinson said.

Also, the map will allow companies that are looking for a place to expand to have a database of information as well, KNWA reported.

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