The New Players on 'Survivor: Guatemala' Are Mostly in Their 20's

August 12, 2005-- Posted at 3:20 PM CDT

NEW YORK (AP)_ Half of the 16 castaways on the new "Survivor: Guatemala" are in their 20s. And, most are in their early 20s -- 21 or 22.

So, if they're in shape, they might be able to outlast the others physically.

Four of the new "Survivor" players are in their 30s. Three are in their 40s. Then, there's a big age gap. And, the oldest player is 63. He's a retired fire captain.

We'll find out if former quarterback Gary Hogeboom has stayed in shape since his football days ended -- because he's one of the castaways. He's 46.

"Survivor: Guatemala" premieres September 15th on CBS.

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