New bridge constructed on flood-prone road

ASH FLAT, AR (KAIT) - A flood-prone road that has seen its fair share of problems and tax dollars spent to fix it for 15 years now will soon have a bridge.

According to Ash Flat Mayor Larry Fowler, the end of Branscum Road has washed out every time the area has seen heavy rains.

Fowler said the construction of the bridge will help people who live in the area, especially during an emergency.

"Our main concern was not so much the money aspect but the people that were isolated," Fowler said. "You know, they're in an area where there are two creeks on the other side of them and this creek, so they were just isolated from any kind of emergency services in those times and it might take a little while to get the road fixed before we could get to them."

The project is expected to cost $38,000, with vehicles able to drive over the bridge by Jan. 5.

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