Water superintendent cautions residents about frozen pipes

CARAWAY, AR (KAIT) - City of Caraway Water Superintendent Terry Couch says with below freezing temps likely for the remainder of the weekend, residents need to pay attention to their water pressure.

He said within just three days of the below freezing weather, the amount of water pumped in the city has increased by more than 100 percent.

Couch said he knows from experience this is a sign of pipes that have burst and many people may have water running beneath their homes.

He said in some cases people may think there are problems with the city's pumping equipment and lines, however, most of the time it's a leak on the resident's property.

"A lot of them just don't think about what's going on or they think they we have low water pressure," he said.  "We want to get out there as quick as we can to help them and stop it, we can't fix it but we can stop it."

He said the problem is a costly fix, but can also create a high water bill.

"That meter is a cash register and we can stop that cash register from turning." he said.

He is hoping residents who have a problem will contact him as soon as they notice issues.

"Rather than wonder, call us, always call us," he said.  "Any time there's a warm-up period in between, if you notice low water pressure or no water pressure, call us, at least let us check it make sure it's not running."

Couch said any Caraway residents who think they may have a problem can give him a call at (870) 919-3154.

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