Officers get 'stop the bleeding' kits

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A group has handed out more than 30 "stop the bleeding" kits to many members of law enforcement in Lawrence County.

Thanks to the donations of many Lawrence County businesses, every officer in the county now has a kit in their vehicle.

The kits include a tourniquet, gauze, tape, and anything an officer would need to help stop the bleeding in an emergency situation.

"Officers are called to many situations whether it's shootings or MVAs, or things like that," said Lawrence Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Director, Katherine Prentice.  "So, the quicker we can help stop the bleeding in those situations the better."

Representatives from Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Survival Flight organized the purchasing of the kits.

They also handed out a box of medical gloves to each officer who received a kit.

The group also recently hosted an active shooter training and stop the bleeding class for law enforcement in the county.

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