Gyms expect surging crowds at start New Year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Many people hoped to kick off their new year right today by working up a sweat and hitting the gym.

Employees at 10 Fitness said they expect to see more than 100 new members during the first week of 2018.

One trainer said gyms work especially hard to keep those same customers coming throughout the year.

He said anyone who makes a fitness related new years resolution should be mindful of the commitment required to shed the pounds.

"Set big goals and just be willing to commit to them, it's a long road," Dylan Vangilder, personal training manager, said. "Health and fitness isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle."

Vangilder said investing in a trainer can help ensure you actually make it to the gym and lose those pounds.

He said a trainer will keep clients accountable, something a gym membership can't do.

He also said anyone looking to avoid crowds at the gym this week should not visit after work.

He said hitting the gym during a lunch break or before 5 p.m. will ensure that you beat the crowds.

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