Woman claims man yelled, swung sword at her in argument

Woman claims man yelled, swung sword at her in argument

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police responded to a domestic disturbance Sunday, Dec. 31, after a woman claimed her boyfriend began threatening her with a sword.

According to a police report, it happened at the 310-block of State St. around 1:25 a.m.

The report stated the woman told police that her boyfriend, 60-year-old James C. Jarrett went into her room and began questioning her.

After getting angry for not answering her questions, Jarrett reportedly "went out and came back with a large sword and began swinging it and making threats before putting the sword back in the gun case."

The woman told police Jarrett then left, but later called to say he was watching her.

Jonesboro police located Jarrett's vehicle at the 300-block of Melrose, but the vehicle was unoccupied.

However, police later met with Jarrett at the 3800-block of Griffin St. where he told police that during the argument, his granddaughter began "yelling and cussing at him" and that his girlfriend "became upset and flipped the kitchen table over out of anger."

Jarrett then told police he asked his girlfriend to leave, but after refusing to do so, he chose to leave so the arguing would stop.

Jarrett was told to stay away, pending any future charges.

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