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Organization to host anti-bullying drills for families

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One Region 8 group is looking at giving parents and their children a hands-on experience while teaching anti-bullying.

Lee’s Self Defense Solutions, formally known as Lee’s Karate, will host the seminar Tuesday at their Jonesboro location at 3306 Shelby Drive.

“What makes this seminar different is it will be more based on drills rather than just talk,” said Lee Logan, owner of the establishment. “This will encompass several activities with parents dealing with role-playing to show a realist aspect of what bullying is.”

Nationally known instructor Dave Young will lead the class sessions. Logan said this type of awareness correlates with active shooter situations.

“It is kind of the same reality that happens in the school,” said Logan. “The shooter or bully typically feels victimized to where they act out in severe situations. Of course, this is on different levels but still something to be aware of.”

Logan said this class will be ways for them to teach students how to break the cycle of being victimized in life.

“We need to teach our kids how to stand up for themselves,” said Logan. “Sometimes, kids get mixed signals from their parents and the school system on how to approach bullying. We just want to make sure we equip our children with what they need if they are dealt with that situation and give them the tactics and the verbal skills and verbal de-escalation skills. It is not just hitting and punching and karate. A lot of this has to do with the way they carry themselves and being alert and aware.”

A seminar is scheduled for Tuesday at 4 p.m. and again at 6 p.m. in case parents and kids miss the first seminar.

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