Utility companies prepared for frigid weather

Utility companies prepared for frigid weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Power companies in Northeast Arkansas are working hard to keep the heat on as cold temperatures loom.

CWL and Entergy were hit by outages early Tuesday but had most powered up later in the day.

Kevan Imboden with CWL said about 1,000 customers were for about 45 minutes in South Jonesboro.

He said CWL doesn't anticipate any further issues moving forward.

Entergy was called to major outages in Mississippi County where over 1,700 customers were without power.

A news release from Entergy stated customers tend to leave heating systems and other appliances on causing extremely high energy demand all at once when power is restored.

Melanie Taylor, vice president of customer service for Entergy, said they monitor areas of coverage closely.

"We have devices in place designed to protect our system during times of normal, day-to-day operations," said Taylor. "During weather extremes, we follow a methodical and calculated process to bring customers back online after an outage that differs from our normal restoration. Rather than simply energizing an entire power line at once, we must bring customers back online one section at a time to avoid damage to our system and make the situation worse. Following this process takes more time to restore power to affected customers than if we were able to restore the entire line at once."

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