Bikers are Teaming up with NEA Clinic for D.A.R.E. Program

August 13, 2005 Posted at 4:45 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR-- The hogs were in Jonesboro today, but it wasn't the razorbacks. Bikers teamed up with the NEA Clinic to raise money for the D.A.R.E. program.
D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. We teach fifth graders about drugs and the effects and consequences.
Officer Kevin Foust said the program has been going since 1998, and with fundraisers like this one, they can continue.
How do the bikers get involved?
"When you think about bikers you think about tattoos, beards, stuff like that, but it's not like that. They are ready to help as soon as they hear it's about kids."
Biker Chuck Dunn said the look has been passed down, but their purpose isn't.
"We don't raise all kinds of cain or try to cause trouble. We see problems in the community and try to help those individuals."
Over 750 bikers rode today, each of them paying a $20 fee.  Not only did they have a chance to give, but also recieve.
Bikers that rode today were eligible for a new Honda Motorcycle, with a value of over $9,000.
After the ride, the bikers ended up at the Airport for a Family Fun Day. There were plenty of activities such as pony rides, a petting zoo, train rides, concerts, and biker games.