A Better Region 8: City of Cash officers just doing their job

Many have labeled Highway 226 through Cash, Arkansas a "speed trap" operated by the city of Cash and its police department.

In fact, the prosecuting attorney's office even investigated the claims.

As the Region 8 News team first reported Wednesday night - Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Grant DeProw determined that the City of Cash is in compliance, and is NOT considered a "speed trap."

The Arkansas Speed Trap Law says cities can't collect fines and costs from traffic offenses in an amount which exceeds 30% of the municipality's total expenditures, less capital expenditures, and debt service, in the preceding year; or write more than 50% of its citations for speeding offenses less than 10 mph over the posted speed limit.

In a letter sent to Cash Mayor Michael Cureton, DeProw said that he's determined that they are in compliance with that statute, but also recommended that they modify their accounting procedures to avoid future misunderstandings.

That means Cash officers will be out there doing their job.

It's sad that these officers even had to face a tough decision...allow someone to break the law, for fear of breaking the law themselves. Cash Police Chief Paul Slagley said his officers only stop cars going 11 miles over the 65-mile speed limit

If you don't want to give the city of Cash YOUR cash, obey the law and go the speed limit.

It will keep you safe, let you keep your hard earned money and it will make this A Better Region 8.

Chris Conroy - KAIT VP & General Manager

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