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Report: State court website being used to get information on debtors

CourtConnect (Source: KARK-TV) CourtConnect (Source: KARK-TV)

A state court website is an opportune place for scammers wanting to compile financial and other information from people who are in debt, sometimes thousands of dollars, a report from a Little Rock television station said Thursday.

The report from KARK said that people have been using CourtConnect to get information on people who are in debt. 

From there, someone would call the person and offer to consolidate their debt and help build their credit score for $4,000 in Best Buy gift cards, KARK said.

A woman told the television station that two of her credit card companies sent her letters, saying her account was under urgent review and that she was $10,000 in debt. 

Athena Pettingill, who investigates similar cases, said she believes records should be sealed for people who go to the website with financial problems. Pettingill also suggests people file a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division office.

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