JPD: Man arrested in rape case

JPD: Man arrested in rape case

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A victim told police that she was raped after arriving in the United States and a local man is in trouble with the law in connection with the case, Jonesboro police said Saturday.

Hexin Chen of Jonesboro was arrested on suspicion of rape after an investigation by Jonesboro police. According to a police report, officers went to St. Bernards Medical Center Dec. 27 after getting a call about a possible sexual assault.

"Upon arrival, I made contact with complainant who advised she is employed by Kirin restaurant and is currently living with the owner/manager of the restaurant (Chen)," Officer Nathaniel Cole said in the report.

The victim told police she had been living at Chen's home since mid-November and that he had been "violent towards her multiple times," the police report said.

The victim told police that she had awakened during the night several days before and had possibly been sexually assaulted, the police report noted.

She then told police it happened again, the report stated.

"Complainant then advised that last night, she woke up and Suspect (Chen) was on top of her and in the process of pulling her pants and panties off of her," Cole said in his report. "She stated she went to yell at him, however, he covered her mouth with his right hand and held her right arm down with his left hand."

Detectives later interviewed the woman, who said she came to Jonesboro in mid-November from Los Angeles on a fruit truck.

The woman told police that Chen had paid her only once for work from the 20th through the 30th of November, while investigators also asked about the working arrangement.

"I then asked her how much did she work and she stated that she would work all day as a hostess and at night as a server," Det. Bill Brown said in the police report. "I then asked Victim #1 if she has days off and she stated no. I then asked Victim #1 how she gets to work and home and if she has a vehicle to drive. Victim #1 stated that Suspect #1 (Chen) would take her or have someone take her to and from work. Victim #1 stated that she could not go outside the apartment or have any friends to visit her there. Victim #1 stated that she could only use her phone to talk to family and if Suspect #1 would hear her talking English that he would make her get off the phone. I then asked Victim #1 about her room. I told her I seen a deadbolt lock on the door. Victim #1 stated that her room only had the deadbolt lock and that Suspect #1 had a key and could come in anytime."

Chen was arrested Jan. 3 on a bench warrant, alleging rape.

Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington said Chen had to surrender his passport as part of any bond arrangement.

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