"Did You Know?" There's A New Massage School In Town.

AUGUST 14, 2005 - Posted at 11:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO - Life is stressfull, there's no doubt about that, and Patricia Butler has come to try to give back to ease some of that stress.  Butler has opened The Butler Therapy Center and the Northeast Arkansas School of Massage.

Patricia saw the chance to open her own school when her massage teacher wanted to sell her school in Hot Springs. Butler bought it, and moved it to Jonesboro, because there's a market for massage therapists here.

If you'd like to learn the fine art of massage therapy it's no day at the spa. It takes four months of classes and 500 hours of work. The tuition is $4000, but that's an all-inclusive price.  Students who finish the course will have the skills and knowledge to be board certified and be able to go into the business of taking away some of that daily stress.

If you would like to contact the Butler Therapy Center and Northeast Arkansas School of Massage, you can call 931-1880.