A Better Region 8: Winter Olympics just a month away

I am originally from the panhandle of Florida, and I have to admit that Olympic sports involving ice and snow fascinate me.

Watching a human being hurl themselves down a hill faster than most people drive in Jonesboro or being able to do way more than balance on ice wearing nothing but thin blades mesmerizes me. I can't stop watching.

The 23rd Winter Olympic games are a month away right here on NBC Region 8.

Several sports have my attention. Growing up in the time of "The Miracle on Ice," ensures that the U.S. Hockey team is on my agenda.

I can't miss seeing "big air" in men's and women's halfpipe, along with the majesty and drama of figure skating.

And don't forget about curling. Although I don't understand it, I will probably watch every moment.

Combine all this with learning the athletes' stories, and you have a 20-day television event worth watching from your nice warm living room right here on NBC Region 8, starting February 8.

The games take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea which sits right across the border from a part of the world that desperately needs to see some unity at this point in history.

The best part about the Winter Olympics is that we as Americans have the chance to come together, put aside our differences and root for our athletes as they compete.  That means we can look past our disagreements and things that make us different and instead focus on something good.

Watching the 2018 Winter Olympics is the patriotic thing to do and it makes this A Better Region 8.

- Chris Conroy, KAIT VP & General Manager

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