Fire dept. trying to keep up with city's growth

Fire dept. trying to keep up with city's growth

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - The growth of the city of Brookland is seeing is causing the fire department to make big purchases.

The department will buy four new trucks next year, totaling around $350,000.

Fire Chief Steve Beck said the purchases are to replace several older trucks.

Those trucks include a pumper, tanker, brush, and service truck.

Beck said the goal is to serve the community in the event of an emergency better.

"More dependable trucks means we can respond better and have a better chance of success," Beck said.

Three trucks will be bought with money saved by the department, the fourth truck will be bought with a loan.

There is just one upgrade the department is looking at making.

The city is also looking at a possible fire station north of Brookland.

Beck said in the end, the goal is to continue to bring the department's I-S-O rating down.

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