Ministry hopes to expand into Arkansas to serve more men

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(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

CARDWELL, MO (KAIT) - A faith-based rehabilitation center that serves Region 8 would like to expand their services into Arkansas with help from the community.

Shepherd's Fold Ministry is located in Cardwell, but around 98% of their residents come from Arkansas, according to Executive Director Steven McCracken.

"The houses, the ministries over here are full and there's no room so they're calling us," McCracken said. "And the probation officers are allowing people who typically wouldn't go out of state to go out of state just to give them an opportunity to get better."

Being in Missouri doesn't allow the ministry to work as closely with the Arkansas court and DHS systems as they would like, though.

"We want to tread those DHS waters with our men that are in that situation," McCracken said. "I've seen so many residents have to have a visit with their child in the lobby of a courthouse and that is so impersonal."

Their house in Cardwell holds up to around 20 men in it right now. McCracken would hope a new house could hold around 30.

McCracken told Region 8 News Tuesday that the Shepherd's Fold Ministry located a piece of property in Greene County that would benefit the ministry.

However, according to McCracken, they now need help securing the down payment on the property.

The facility is asking for around 300 people to donate $100 each, which would cover the cost of the down payment.

McCracken said the property has several buildings that can be used for the ministry.

If you want to help Shepherd's Fold Ministry with the down payment, you can contact McCracken at 870-450-5679.

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