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Company to add more jobs in Paragould

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More jobs are coming to the city of Paragould thanks to the expansion of one truck trailer manufacturing company.

KNL Holdings, LLC now has a new 80,000 square foot building on their property. Fred Workman, the company’s owner, said this was to increase their production.

“Business has been good the past few years,” said Workman. “We started running out of room across the street at our manufacture facility. So about two years ago we started thinking about additional building.”

They started constructing the building January of 2017.

“It is not done just yet,” said Workman. “We only have to work on electrical now but after that, it will be complete.”

He said in total, by the end of the project, they will have spent about $4 million. Workman said that price is totally worth it if it means more jobs for residents.

“If we can find the people, we can hire 30 to 40 more people,” said Workman. “Payroll wise, they should each make $30,000-$40,000 a year.”

Workman said because they are a stable company, he looks forward to being in business for more years to come.

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