Committee discusses elected official pay, JETS full-time positions

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Finance Committee addressed a number of things Tuesday night including creating a committee to look at elected official pay and the need for four full-time JETS drivers.

A three-person committee to make recommendations on how elected official pay raises should go in the future will be considered in the next Jonesboro City Council meeting as well as a consideration to give the mayor, city clerk and city attorney a 2% raise.

The council will also consider a request to convert some part-time positions at JETS to four full-time jobs.

Ed Tanner, chief operations officer with the city, said they have had a hard time attracting people to part-time positions, putting them in a bind in the past.

Because JETS will soon start running on Saturdays, Tanner said it is important to have the request approved.

"This will be a major benefit for the city," said Tanner. "But also the drivers. They will be able to work more hours, they will get benefits, and they will have more security with their jobs working for the city, so it is a great benefit for the individual as well."

The Saturday service is scheduled to start around the beginning of April.

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