Restaurant approved, duplexes denied at Jonesboro MAPC

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Residents who live near the Parker Park community center off of Warren Street begged Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commissioners to deny a rezoning request that would place 24 duplexes in their neighborhood.

Those duplexes would be made up of 48 units and will be for families who would pay rent based on their income.

The MAPC eventually denied the request but not after residents spoke their minds.

"My request to you all is to please don't approve this mess and dump it on us," said one resident who lives in the area. "We do not want that."

People spoke out about the increased vehicle and foot traffic, noise pollution, and crime that they said has happened over time due to similar developments in their single-family home neighborhood.

The development's representative was appalled at their claims.

"It is offensive to me that you all think only poor people but rob and run," said the representative. "Only poor people are going to not move out of the way of people. Those people. That kind and this kind. That's stuff that all these people have said. It is not about that."

One resident responded.

"When I was saying those people I was referring to those people who are walking currently going to be walking in the future on the roads that are dangerous. Someone is going to get killed by a car one day. Also just four nights ago, there were gunshots in the area. Four night ago."

In the end, one commissioner was in favor of the request but the rest were opposed.

Also in MAPC, a restaurant establishment currently in a residential area had a rezoning request approved for being a commercial operation.

That establishment is located at South Culberhouse, which the council thought was in good standing to become commercial.

It is set to be discussed at the next city council meeting.

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