JPD: Man admits to pawning items he stole from his employer

JPD: Man admits to pawning items he stole from his employer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A man reportedly signed a confession, saying he stole a computer and a Walmart package from his employer late last year, Jonesboro police said Wednesday.

Cederick Darnell Thomas of Jonesboro was arrested on suspicion of theft $5,000 or less but greater than $1,000 in connection with the thefts at the FedEx location at 3400 Moore Road in Jonesboro.

According to a probable cause affidavit, a security specialist for the company reported the thefts to police Dec. 14 and had identified Thomas and another suspect for having stolen the items.

The specialist later contacted police Dec. 21 and gave them a list of the items that had been taken.

"After reviewing the video footage, I contacted [the specialist] and he advised that management had identified both the suspects and that he also had interviewed both of them concerning the thefts," the affidavit noted. "He advised that Cederick Thomas had admitted to stealing a Dell laptop computer and a power cord and signed a document admitting to the thefts."

Police later found footage of Thomas pawning the computer at a local pawn shop. According to the affidavit, Thomas pawned the computer, valued at $999.99 for $500. He told police he threw the power cord, valued at $798.33, into a dumpster.

Thomas will appear in circuit court Feb. 26.

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