Police: suspect injured in alleged residential burglary

Police: suspect injured in alleged residential burglary

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Paragould police say they arrested a man after he was stabbed Wednesday. The suspect, according to Detective Sergeant Jack Hailey, was stabbed by a homeowner after he went into the home uninvited.

Hunter Benjamin Knuckles was arrested on suspicion of residential burglary and third-degree assault in connection with the case. Hailey said in a statement that officers went to the scene and had found out that the person who was injured had already left the scene.

"Upon completing the investigation into this incident, it was found that the subject (Hunter Benjamin Knuckles) was the person that had received the injury. It was also found that Knuckles had entered into the residence uninvited and during an altercation inside the residence, Knuckles was stuck with a knife by the homeowner."

Knuckles was treated and released at a local hospital for a puncture wound.

The homeowner was not charged in the incident, Hailey said.

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