GCT prepares AMI assignments in case of inclement weather Friday

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - The Greene County Tech School District is prepared to use the first of their five Alternative Method Instruction days, whether online or by paper.

Like several schools in Region 8, these five days were granted by the state of Arkansas to give schools the opportunity to provide instruction at home and receive school credit for that day, even if school is canceled due to the weather or power outages.

Though you would see AMI classwork online, GCT took it a step further just in case.

"We have packets ready," said Gene Weeks, superintendent. "Some AMI are electronic but for a backup plan, we are providing a hard copy also so we can cover the curriculum from either direction."

The school district has around 3,600 students which is why having a hard copy for students is also beneficial.

"We do have several kids who don't have availability of the internet," said Weeks. "There are some in a situation where it might be affordability or connection-wise because you also have to factor in power outages in storm situations. Hopefully, this will be a way for those kids to stay on track with AMI."

Weeks said hopefully with a plan in place, they will get to execute AMI this semester and find ways to improve it for the students if needed.

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