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CWL prepared to protect your power

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With the possibility of an icy forecast on Friday, City Water and Light is making sure your power is protected.

“We have been monitoring the weather forecast,” said Kevan Inboden, special projects administrator. “Our equipment is ready to go. We have made sure our vehicles have enough fuel and that our chainsaws have been sharped and gassed up.”

Inboden said they also prepare for these type of events year round when it comes to protecting power.

“We have an extensive tree trimming program where we trim trees to help prevent or lessen the number of outages whether it be from ice, sleet or the wind,” said Inboden. “If we don’t trim them, tree limbs falling can be the result of power being knocked out on an individual’s property or even the entire neighborhood.”

Inboden said they also build their power lines to a higher standard.

“Having good quality lines, they can withstand ice loading and wind as well,” said Inboden.

With the amount of training that goes on at CWL, Inboden said they will be prepared.

“We just ask that everyone be prepared and be understanding with us and believe me we take these events very seriously,” said Inboden. “We work very hard to be prepared for them and we want to try to prevent all the outages that we can and mitigate those that we do have.”

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