"Silent Hattie" made history 86 years ago today

"Silent Hattie" made history 86 years ago today

WASHINGTON, DC (KAIT) - The first woman was elected to the United States Senate 86 years ago today and that woman had ties to Northeast Arkansas.

On January 12, 1932, Hattie Wyatt Caraway was elected to the Senate in a special election after being appointed to fill the unexpired term of her husband, then-Sen. Thaddeus Caraway, D-Ark.

According to a post on the U.S. Senate website, Hattie Caraway was considered a long shot for a general election later that year but got help from a neighboring Senator, Sen. Huey Long, D-La.

"Most considered her a longshot for the general election in 1932, however, so 'Silent Hattie' enlisted the help of controversial senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana to bolster her campaign," the post noted. "The highly publicized 'Hattie and Huey' tour through Arkansas resulted in a landslide victory for Caraway."

She was reelected in 1938 and served until 1945.

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