Randolph Co. jail gets new doctor

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - An opportunity to have an in-house doctor at the Randolph County jail in Pocahontas can help save money and treat a large inmate population, Randolph County Sheriff Gary Tribble said Friday.

Tribble said the department has worked for some time to find a way to provide medical care to inmates at the jail. Having an in-house doctor can save money on transporting inmates to the hospital while helping to reduce threats to safety for the officer if an inmate tried to escape.

"There's no question that it is safer for all of us as a whole. The other thing, we have already seen where this position has saved us money and we have only utilized him so far this month of January," Tribble said.

Randolph County is working with Clay and Lawrence counties to share the costs of the doctor. He'll be paid $1,200 a month for the weekly services and 24/7 on call, Tribble said, noting the program is the first time that the county has had an in-house medical provider for county inmates.

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