Cold weather makes it difficult for local medical helicopter group

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - The cold, windy and sometimes icy conditions in the area have impacted a local medical helicopter group, but an official said Friday that the weather conditions can make things dangerous.

Mike Emmons with Survival Flight 9 in Pocahontas said the group turned down 18 flights in December and has had to go without flying four days so far this month.

Emmons said freezing rain can make visibility difficult and while the lack of flights can impact the group's revenue, safety was also key.

"We just hate the fact that when someone needs us, and we are unable to go, um, it is kind of a damper on us and we don't feel good about ourselves because we are not able to be there but like I said weather is something we can't control and we have to tell ourselves that on a regular basis," Emmons said.

In spite of the weather on Friday, Emmons said the group was able to get back in the air for medical flights.

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