Ten arrested during large bust operation

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Several law enforcement agencies worked together to execute a large bust operation in Blytheville.

Five teams made up of different agencies worked three separate bust locations simultaneously.

One was in the 1100-block of Leawood, the second in the 800-block of Clark Street, and the third in the 500-block of Walls Street.

It was called Operation Street Sweeper, and the main focus was drugs and firearms.

The operation was a combined effort of the Second Judicial Drug Task Force, Blytheville Police, Mississippi County Sheriff's Department, Osceola Police, Arkansas State Police and The National Guard Air Unit, that provided helicopter coverage of the situation.

With help from the community, authorities identified seven specific individuals they were targeting.

"It seems like when we have drug trafficking, firearms go hand in hand," Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington said. "So, our effort today was to alleviate some of the violent crimes on the streets."

Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson said this is an ongoing investigation that they've been working on for four months.

"It's not over," Thompson said. "I'm sure we'll have more evidence by the end of the night to go on moving forward."

According to a press release from Ellington, the investigation resulted in the arrests of ten individuals and the seizure of nine firearms, along with several quantities of marijuana, crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine, and ecstasy.

Those arrested included the following:

  • Katrina Kuykendall (30)
  • Kenyunta Aldridge (38)
  • Carlos Wells (44)
  • Solomon Malone (24)
  • Winsley Henry III (42)
  • Artrille Coleman (39)
  • Tyree Johnson (19)
  • Africa Wells (44)
  • JP Smith III (36)
  • Deanna Perry (29)

Each will appear before Blytheville District Judge Shannon Langston on Tuesday, January 16, 2018.

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