Road crews prepare to react to winter weather

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - County Judge John Thomison said he and other county officials have been working to plan their reaction to winter weather that may hit the county.

He said although they are unsure what road conditions will be like on Tuesday they are doing their best to prepare.

Judge Thomison said that crews will be out hitting hot spots with sand if less than 2 inches of winter precipitation hits area roads.

"Everybody's coming in," he said. "We will have the crews out looking, so, everybody's going to be on deck, everybody's going to be ready to go we'll have the ability to move as we need to."

Judge Thomison also said he will be in communication with the sheriff and road crews throughout Monday night as winter precipitation begins to fall.

Thomison said once they assess the situation and see how roads are impacted they will move forward with clearing necessary roads.

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