County Judge cautions drivers ahead of winter weather

County Judge cautions drivers ahead of winter weather

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Lawrence County Judge John Thomison said county road crews were out working on Tuesday and he is urging drivers to be cautious.

He said it's a common misconception that these larger vehicles helping clear roads can handle icy conditions better than the average vehicle.

In some cases, drivers may speed around or closely follow road department vehicles as they clear roads.

Thomison said this puts drivers and road crews at risk of being seriously injured in a crash.

He is now asking drivers to be patient and leave plenty of space for crews to do their job during winter weather.

"All this heavy equipment will slide on any of it and traction is hard to come by whether it's a car or whether it's a grater," he said.  "So, the public needs to be aware that when they see those big pieces out there, and it's slick they could start sliding, and they can't stop either."

He said anyone out during winter weather should be mindful that crews are working in less than favorable conditions to make roads safe and drivable.

Thomison added crews make sacrifices like working on odd hours or staying out through the night to clear roads.

He hopes people will be mindful of all this when they're out driving.

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