Hospital accommodates staff during winter weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Snow may mean a day off from work or school for many, but not for those who work in a hospital.

However, during winter weather events, many hospitals like St. Bernards try to accommodate their staff.

St. Bernards allows employees to stay the night in the hospital when winter weather is expected, meaning employees can get a full night of rest in private on available beds.

Hospital administrators work to identify available beds in areas like the sleep lab.

They also work to make sure employees staying the night aren't faced with unnecessary expenses.

"We also provide them with a meal card to our cafeteria and that way they're not out any expenses while they're staying here to care for our patients and away from their families," said RN, Nursing Director of Patient Service Resource Center, Ashley Hufstedler.

Those with the hospital said they try to anticipate staffing challenges during winter weather as well.

Many staff members like nurses will pitch in to help make sure shifts are covered if any of their co-workers can't get to work.

Hufstedler said she is thankful that their employees are always willing to go the extra mile to provide care for patients.

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