Doctor says you could get flu twice in one season

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
Dr. Shane Speights (Source: KAIT)
Dr. Shane Speights (Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There is a chance you could get the Influenza Virus twice, according to a Jonesboro doctor.

Dean of A-State's NYIT, Dr. Shane Speights said the flu is now considered an epidemic and you could experience the virus more than once.

He said the H-3-N-2 type is the one causing all the havoc right now.

"It's typically a harsher type of Influenza, it's like the bad actor in the family," Speights said.

But there are many more strains out there, according to Speights.

If you have a type A flu virus, that does not mean you cannot still get a type B flu virus.

He said while the possibility lingers, it is not very common, though.

"I've had patients that have had that happen to them and it's not very fun, but typically if you have had the vaccine, it's much less severe and it doesn't last as long," he said.

Speights said there are two different types of vaccines that will protect you from multiple strains of the virus.

"People need to recognize the vaccines have different strains of flu in it," Speights said. "The trivalent has two types of Influenza type A, an H-1-N-1, and an H-3-N-2. There's also a type B in there, it's usually a lesser milder form of Influenza. In the Quadrivalent, there are two type A's and two type B's. So, there's four different strains in that vaccine. When you get these vaccines, you are protected from these strains. Or, if you still get sick, then you are going to get over it quicker because your body has seen one of those types of Influenza."

For anyone wondering, it is not too late to get the flu shot, in fact, Speights highly encourages it.

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