Teacher reacts to AMI days

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Winter weather has caused school districts to use Alternative Method of Instruction days, and teachers are reacting to it.

Lauren Sawyer, a 3rd-grade teacher in the Nettleton School District, has used two AMI days so far.

Parents and students have sounded off on social media about how they feel about AMI days in place of snow days.

Some people love them, others do not.

But for Sawyer, she said her kids are doing great.

"From a teacher's standpoint, AMI has been pretty nice," Sawyer said. "It was a little work up front, but to not have to come back in June, it's totally worth it."

She said it's like being on call for work, she keeps close to her computer as if she was in the classroom.

"We are on call throughout the day," she said. "I've answered a hand full of questions here and there about where do I print it, I've lost my packet, what do we do on this, but nothing too major. Overall, it's been a great experience."

Many of Mrs. Sawyer's third graders have surprisingly completed their work quickly, in time to play in the snow.

"With this, even though it's taking the older kids 3 hours to finish their work, that's three hours of instruction, or practice, or work that they are actually going to be able to apply to their grades."

She encourages parents who are struggling with AMI days to contact their child's teacher.

"We are sitting and waiting," she said. "I've checked my emails a million times this weekend just to make sure I cover all the questions. It was our first time to put together these packets or send work online, so if there is something that you didn't like or that you didn't understand, let us know because if we have to do this again, we can change it, or we can tweak it a little bit to make it better."

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