JPD: Anti-theft device removers used to steal welder, iPhone X

JPD: Anti-theft device removers used to steal welder, iPhone X

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A man accused of using an anti-theft device remover to steal a welder and several other items from the Parker Road Walmart told police he was a college student just trying to make money for school.

Jonesboro police arrested Cody J. Rushton for shoplifting Tuesday after an employee reported seeing him walk out of the store with a $239 welder and drive off.

Police Chief Rick Elliott spotted the suspect's vehicle and stopped it at the intersection of Caraway and Parker Roads.

After being told why he was stopped the suspect, 22-year-old Cody J. Rushton of Jonesboro, reportedly told officers he was "sorry and that he was a college student trying to make money for school."

When officers searched his car, according to the incident report, they found the welder along with $104 worth of Lego toys, and an "S3 detacher key that was used to remove the anti-theft device" on the welder.

Rushton was cited for theft less than $1,000; unlawful possession of theft detection device; and unlawful removal of theft detection device. He was also criminally banned from all Walmart locations, including Sam's Clubs and Neighborhood Markets.

The stolen items were returned to the store.

In an unrelated case, police say a suspect used an anti-theft device to steal a $1,085 iPhone X from a local store.

An employee of Apex Communications, 1841 E. Highland, contacted Jonesboro police just before 7 p.m. Tuesday after she saw the iPhone X display was missing.

She told Officer Kelsey Chism that the anti-theft device was removed from the phone and that was why the store alarm did not go off.

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