Brookland area sees increase in calls to 911

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Emergency calls out of the city of Brookland are increasing as the town continues to grow.

According to Craighead County 911 call numbers released by the Jonesboro Police Department in their monthly crime reports, the city's calls increased by 970 from 2016 to 2017, a 31% hike.

Those increased requests for service are changing how the Craighead County Sheriff's Office does its job.

Sheriff Marty Boyd said they have put more deputies on patrol in Brookland and the surrounding area to try and keep up with the town's growth and assist its police department.

"Our patrol tactics and how we look at the area is generated on population," Boyd said. "Of course, that area right there is growing leaps and bounds every day so we do have a lot of resources dedicated to that area."

The sheriff said Brookland stands out in Craighead County as the area that is growing the fastest.

He said the assistance goes both ways, though.

"One thing fortunate about Craighead County is that all law enforcement has a good working relationship," Boyd said. "We assist each other as needed. We may help Brookland on a call and then 10 minutes later, Brookland may respond and help us."

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