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City approves pump track for Craighead Forest Park

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Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro will soon have a place for kids and adults to mountain bike.

According to Wixson Huffstetler, parks and recreation director, the project will soon be built on two to three acres of land and will feature a pump track and a skills course.

“This will be a place for parents to bring their kids and learn how to mountain bike safely,” said Huffstetler. “We will design it around the trees in that area near the splash pad and hopefully in the future, we will be able to have it lit up at night during the summer when the mosquitoes are not out.”

The track will cost $197,000 but with the economic benefit of it, Huffstetler said it is worth it.

“We can host competition events,” said Huffstetler. “What is cool about the pump track is that you can take it apart and place it downtown or anywhere anyone would love to hold an event.”

With the pump track, Huffstetler said he plans to have a parking lot and pavilion in that location.

  “We have many people from all over that love to come to our park due to the amount of acreage in trails,” said Huffstetler. “This is going to teach kids how to ride a bike off road without having to just throw them out there and say go figure it out for yourself. We might look into the future into partnering with more experienced mountain bike clubs. Have them do kids days.”

He said the track will be made for scooters, rollerblades, skateboards and normal bikes.

Best case scenario, Huffstetler said he hopes to have it up and running by May 1.

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