Man accused of driving erratically arrested for endangering minors

Man accused of driving erratically arrested for endangering minors

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A Trumann man was arrested in Greene County accused of driving erratically to stop a woman with small children in the car.

On Sunday, Deputy Hunter Wright spoke with the couple involved in the alleged incident in a driveway on Greene County Rd. 902.

The 20-year-old woman told the deputy 21-year-old Kyle Blanchard began "bad mouthing" the way the woman's parents were taking care of a dog as the two were driving to Trumann.

An argument ensued and Blanchard reportedly started hitting the inside of the woman's car. She then let him out of the car on Roger's Chapel Road in Craighead County.

The woman drove off and Blanchard called her "making remarks that he was going to harm himself," according to the report.

Blanchard was picked up by the woman and taken to the couple's home in Trumann.

Once there, the woman gathered belongings to stay with her parents in Paragould for the night.

After leaving the home, Blanchard followed the woman in his truck. The report stated the man was driving erratically by "driving up to her rear bumper multiple times, honking his horn."

She contacted Bay police about the encounter, but Blanchard was not around at the time. After leaving Bay, the woman stated she spotted Blanchard waiting at the Nestle Road exit ramp on Interstate 555.

Blanchard "continued to attempt to get her to stop driving by pulling up beside her, and driving up on her bumper," according to the woman. This continued until they came to Greene Co. Road 902.

Wright spoke with Blanchard who reportedly said "he has a temper," adding that "he was so mad that he honestly did not know exactly what all he did between Trumann and Paragould."

Blanchard, according to the deputy's report, also said "he did not understand what the big deal was."

The deputy placed him under arrest for two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor because two children, ages one and four months old, were in the car.

Blanchard was taken to the Greene County Detention Center without incident.

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