Farmers Gather for Rice and Soybean Field Day

August 17, 2005--Posted at 2:30 p.m. CST


CACHE--Farmers from across the Midsouth gathered in Cache, Arkansas, on Wednesday for the state’s largest rice and soybean field day.  The event hosted by Cache River Valley Seed gave growers the opportunity to connect with industry experts.  Most farmers had this year’s crops heavy on their minds.


“It’s going to be tough to make a profit out this year,” Poinsett County Farmer Billy Maddox said.


“Dry conditions have been real trying and… with the price of diesel and the irrigation costs, the cost of production has gone really high this year,” Todd Heap with Cache River Valley Seed said.


 Farmers fear higher production costs will jeopardize local farms.   


“I’m afraid to say that with our cost 35% - 50% increase, that it’s probably going to force a lot of farmers out,” said Craighead County Farmer Chris Flanigan.


Farmers that missed Wednesday’s field day can still check out Cache River Valley Seed.  The company encourages people to take tours of its production fields and pull samples.  For more information, go to