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Rapper P. Diddy Becomes Just Diddy

August 17, 2005-- Posted at 3:10 PM CDT

NEW YORK (AP)_ It's not P. Diddy any more. It's just Diddy.

Rapper-producer-clothing designer Sean Combs tells MTV News he's chosen a new name for himself. He says he's going with just "Diddy" because "the P was getting in between us."

Combs -- or Diddy -- says a lot of his friends in the music business have been calling him Diddy anyway, but his fans didn't know what to call him.

Diddy will host the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami on August 28th. He's promising "the unveiling of Diddy" at that event.

He was previously known as Sean "Puffy" Combs, then Puff Daddy, then P. Diddy.

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